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Couple records for sale [Sep. 20th, 2008|06:14 pm]
The Record Store


Need a bit of cash.  Prices ppd in the us.  If you want priority add a dollar.  Overseas get in touch and we'll figure postage out

Big Flame - Cubist Pop Manifesto $10
Big Flame - Sink $10
La Quiete/Acrimonie $10
La Quiete/Apoplexy Twist Orchestra $10
La Quiete/Catena Collapse $10
V/A - Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 2 (Discarga, Esperanza, Jellyroll Rockheads, Limpwrist, Life's Halt)$8
V/A - The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker 2x7" one on grey vinyl and one on blue vinyl(The Death of Anna Karina, Rats into Robots, Kodan Armada, If it Doesn't Kill You, The Assailant, La Quiete, Phoenix Bodies, Die, Emperor! Die!)$12

The Shivering - To the Ground $10
Still Life - Slow Children at Play $12

Bent Outta Shape - s/t $15
Bullets In - Concieve $8
Shotwell/Miami make offer


From: (Anonymous)
2008-11-23 06:27 am (UTC)

Hey dude

Hey get back at me at inflected57@aol.com. I would love the Bent Outta Shape lp.
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[User Picture]From: letsogogetborn
2009-04-03 06:33 am (UTC)
i know this is a long shot because it seems i found this post rather late, but if yr still selling that la quiete/apoplexy twist i'd love to buy it

get at me, jasper@mthoperevival.com
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